Monday, 21 November 2016

Aronia berries and its amazing benefits

 Aronia or chokeberries as they are also known, are full of beneficial polyphenols, especially when ripe and dried properly. These humble tiny berries got recently more attention for their promising nutritive values. There are red and black chokeberries and are native to eastern North America and were introduced to Europe in 1950´s. Aronia grows on the bush with green leaves that turn deep red in autumn, with white blossoms and round black juicy berries, with a very similar look to cranberries. These berries are classified as a superfood, richer in antioxidants than raspberries, goji and acai, protecting from cancer. It has 3x more antioxidants than blueberries. Aronia berries are good source of vitamins C, A, E, betacarotene and folate, minerals such as potassium, iron and manganese. Hundred grams fresh aronia berries provide 35% DRI of vitamin C.

Chokeberries can be eaten fresh or dried or consumed in the form of juice. They can be used in various recipes, eaten with the morning bowl of porridge, made into jam or added in the smoothies.

Aronia berries are shown to be 5-10x more effective than cranberries in treating urinary tract infections due to the higher dose of quinic acid. They help ward off heart disease. American indians believed it was a good aphrodisiac, when consumed regularly. Study in Poland showed that anthocyanins from the berry are useful in fighting "oxidative stress" in cardiovascular patients. They also improve the circulation of blood, reducing the risk of heart disease. Phenols in aronia disinfect the blood stream in the body, promoting healing of wounds, reducing inflammation, preventing the clogging of blood vessels and removes toxic substances from the body. 

Berries and the juice from it are recommended for anyone with circulatory system problems and blood pressure. Reduction in bad LDL cholesterol was also seen in patients. Aronias are also great for those with diabetes problems, because it does not increase the sugar levels. Dried aronia berry is a great medicine for kidney, stomach and other gastro - related issues, protecting and treating various conditions due to rich antioxidant levels.

For those suffering from colon cancer, adding berries to the diet has positive and very rewarding effect, thanks to their rich dark, black and purple color. Eating aronia slowed the cancer cell growth by 50-80%, treating only bad cells without impacting the good ones. Including aronia in your diet regularly will help you  stay free from colds and flue. It fights bacteria and viruses, boosting your immune system with a protective anti-inflammatory value. 

Aronia berries contain large amounts of carotene, that protect your eyes and prevents cataract formation. They also help in regulating healthy weight and prevents fat being stored around your waistline. These dark colored berries promote creating the good cholesterol in the body. They improve your memory and inhibit the early atherosclerosis. 

The benefits of these really humble berries seem endless hence it is very helpful and beneficial to include them in your diet and consume them on a regular basis.

 100g dried aronia berries contain:
3,4g protein 
59g carbohydrates
22g sugar
24g fiber
270 calories